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Must i have to own a server to make my own website?

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5/24/2019 9:47:18 PM

Saeed Alqassabi

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Saeed alqassabi this may be helpful Best of luck ☺️


you need a server for sure. you can build one locally (if your ip is static). Most people use nginx or apache for this. downsides are you have to take care of your incoming packets, security, loads, dbs, etc.


you can look at the docs, online articles, books, videos...


nope ... for development purposes u must have a localhost like but for production u dont actually need ... if u do so so u must keep your server on 24x7 hrs .. so its good to use cloud servers..





perhaps i should look more . thanks 💛💛😊


i think that it mustn't.


what is nginx and apache


from where i can learn that


I'm not sure, but I think its good to have that experience, just to know what is going there. And I'll try that some how.


thanks everyone.😙👍👍👍


I have remembered apache from a WordPress website that I have made before. it was installed with WordPress.


thank you all


i am learing through your comments


You don't have to, there is hosting servers where you can put your website for a fee.. Check this comparison between different existing hosting services:

0 free web hosting you can code your own site and up load it. Or they have free tools to make one.