Current Streak 42

My current streak is 42 12/30. My first posted program is a year ago. Why 42? I have had problems with my smart phone and have to reinstall everything.

5/24/2019 4:48:24 PM

Aad Hoogenboom

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Aad Hoogenboom may be in between someday you have not login in the app that's why streak was broke that day and started again now it is 42. If you have login everyday and your streak is correct till yesterday then may be an bug which you can report to sololearn and tell them your situation. Else your streak was broke 42 days ago because not login in a day.


Apparently I missed the login time!


Aad Hoogenboom, I also had to reset my smartphone this spring 😩. I understand what you went trough. I hope everything is OK now ☺. But Sololearn improved my discipline a lot. So I 📌 backed up my files, contacts and messages; 📌 restored factory data & settings; 📌 formated my SD card; 📌 installed Sololearn. And it only took me one evening to do it all. I was also glad to see that Sololearn saved all of my data, including private messages 🙌.


Ohh but mine is 123 😁😁


If you are logged in continuously without break any day....like you logged in today then did logged out and again logged in after 1 day or 2 day then your Streak will be break.. I think this happened with you...


A reinstall of the smartphone and even a change to a new one is no problem at all if you login daily. Nearly everybody here experienced the pity of having lost a longer streak. My longest was in the range of 260 days when I came back a couple of hours too late. Now I have just surpassed the 100-day's gratification a few days ago.


I always felt that the 12/30 part was redundant.


I've had two, 200+ day streaks broken. The last one I missed by less than an hour! The heartbreak I felt helped me realize how much SoloLearn means to me :)


Why 42? Because its the answer to life, the universe and everything! Sorry couldn't help it.


282 day streak. Had a 243(?) day streak previously.


Jared Bird Have been considering to answer the same until I saw your answer... 😃✌🏼👍🏼🍕🍺


I was only at 37 but the update seems to have reset my days back to one😟, perhaps a fix is in order?


Keep working and congratulations