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Is it important for the programmer to have a degree related to computer science?!

5/24/2019 2:38:44 PM


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Not necessarily. School is great for people that require structure or other people keeping them disciplined. If you're disciplined and structured without that, then you can easily learn everything that you want to learn on your own. For example, you're here right now teaching yourself and using the internet you can obtain all of the same information that you would learn in a school, and much more. In the end, your ability with your skills is what will make or break you, and it's what matters most to the employer; not a piece of paper pretending to represent your skills. So focus on honing your skills, create projects and continually build out your portfolio to showcase what you're actually capable of. Someone that has that type of experience is worth more than someone with no experience freshly out of college. Something that I like to do is visit the website of a college/university and look at the programs that I'm interested in. Typically, they list exactly which courses are part of that degree program, so I write down the list of courses. Then I seek out resources/books/ etc.. online for each and every course, then I learn then just as I would if I was in that school. In the end, I acquire the exact education that I would if I was getting a degree in that subject. How much did it cost? No more than I was already paying for my internet each month.


I don't think so 🙂 Your passion is all it takes...


If u have a great degree n u r able to make programs of adding two numbers.... what is it???😂😂 I hope u understood 👍👍 For me , Degree doesn't matter the thing which matters is your knowledge




Najmuddin Excuse me but money for what ?!


Najmuddin Oops!! sorry I misunderstood you... I am already a college student studying entirely different field so simply not allowed to get that degree even after graduation.... I am asking to know if it worth effort


Najmuddin Not such flexibility here to do that even impossible...The only way for me is self-learning....Thank you very much


I have just read that: CNBC: Mark Cuban says AI will reduce the demand for computer science degrees. Today, recruiters are more seeking skills but a degree is a strong advantage If it's associates with the most on-demand skills. A MBA is also a very valuable degree if it's associated with digital era skills.



It can help but not required.


Degree is not important to be a programmer....if you are able to understand then does not matter degree..


If you have time and money must do it otherwise skip it


Maryam after graduation you can do post graduation in computer science field check out post graduation courses in your country and yes its really worth it I had same sutioun as you are in right now...


I don't really think it that necessary


Maryam yes there is cost of degree .is not in your country


Important to who? Or to get the necessary knowledge? For a job hunt? For the later, it could make it harder to get a first job, but not necessarily (it depends on the offer/demand in the job market).. for Programming it's easier to prove experience with personal projects that could easily have more value than a degree..


Degree and skills are two different things. Who requires it demands it otherwise no need to take extra burdon.😀


Most employers will survey you based on a portfolio of what you have made, android apps, websites etc. Then, they interview you and watch you use a developers environment like eclipse asking you to do certain tasks. That's what it comes down to. If you got the piece of paper you got yourself a higher pay salary, sometimes. Now a days you can get your knowlege from what ever, so, it's whatever best suits you. If your gonna self learn, stay at a language for an hour a day until you master it. Every once in awhile build a basic game or program like a dice game. That'll build better skills and excercise your toolkit for problem solving. Most professors will waste your time and make you learn a programming langauge by yourself anyways because in the real world you have to constantly keep up with the same language let alone learn a new one when the platforms or technology change. My advice, the world needs pioneers. Not another employee. Make something good for the world, ya know?


If it was, SoloLearn would never exist. The success of SoloLearn and many others like it shows that all you need to become a programmer is internet connection, time and a lot of dedication.


I'm going with YES. If you want to expand your mind it is helpful to attend college. Also, a college degree opens new paths like going to other countries or just travel more. If you want to train yourself in one area is important to have a master, a mentor. Plus, with college, you will be aware of more professional fields that you can imagine. My experience on college was an eye-opener. I've studied Physics alongside CS and Mathematics students and I saw teams working together on a very interesting topics. One of the most impressive projects (from my perspective) was a simulation of geophysical fluids: Physics, Oceanography and Computer science working together. That thing was only possible because college education. So, if you want to learn a language, you don't need a degree but if you want to have more options I really recommend college education. Plus: is better to be called "Mr./Ms. BachellorDegree" than "Mr/Ms. Person". It has repercussions in real life society.