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Is it helpful to takes notes while learning programming?

5/24/2019 1:23:06 PM

Amar Dahake

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This is what I do: Go through the entire course first, even if you don't fully understand it yet. When you're done, practice what you could understand. Afterward, go through the entire course again, but this time write down notes of any concept you still don't fully understand. When you're done, extensively research the concepts you wrote down on your notes, then practice them to solidify your learning of them. Keep repeating this process over and over until you no longer have to write down notes anymore. It's a method that I use to help me effectively learn and it makes the process easier/quicker for me. Hope it helps you as well! In regards to writing down everything that you're learning, I just reference as I need to reference stuff, which is as easy as a google search. I use the notes to simply jot down concepts I don't fully understand yet so I know what I should go study further after I'm done with the course.


Absolutely yes. When learning a programming language there are a lot of new concepts. I put that new concepts in a excel table and I marked it with pending to be tested. Later I make some program with that concepts. I want to test all aspects of my favorite programming language. So, notes are helpful during your learning.


This is how I do it:


Taking notes will be essentially when you'll get older, your memory gets weaker and you are dealing with topics which you don't use regularly on a daily base. But it is import that you conserve your notes in a way that you will be able to find them when you need them. What did npt work for me is to write dozens of .txt-files and save them somewhere in the filesystem of one of multiple devices which I am using. I discovered that a ring binder with sheets of paper with pencil annotations and tabs for different topics work best. My biggest wish would be to build a knowledge management system.


Not notes but what I started to do was create a reference. If there already exist a good one on the internet then all the better. Alongside that I also save codes on how to do x(replace x with anything you want to do) or different ways to solve problem y . That way when I need to do something similar and get stuck, I search my local directory of codes and find it. The reference itself can be useful for refreshing memory on certain things.


I take notes and after I summarize making colourful cheat sheet. Datacamp's community provides good examples:


I personally memorize things the best when i write notes on a paper the old fashioned way. Even when I learn to code I don' t use virtual notebooks, but a paper one. Writing it down with my own hand in my own words helps me a lot when trying to sort through and learn a lot of new information.


I think so it works for me


That depends on how you personally learn. If you need notes to remember stuff yes take notes. If you can remeber alot without notes no you dont need notes then.


sicence has shown writing things down, stuff keeps lobger in your memory. so it does not hurt.


Programing not comes from learning... programming comes from practice... If you will do more practice then you will learn... So no need to take notes....


I, personally, always find very helpful take some notes, mostly on the difficult parts


No, but if the code becomes too complicated, I need to comment the whole thing, because I get lost and sometimes spend minutes just scrolling


If it helps you you should. Unfortunately I don't now but did when I first learned programming.


I'm sorry, I misunderstood the question. But on this topic, I didn't write notes at all. I think programming is simpler than a lot of things; like you have to take notes for math or science. You don't have to take notes, because you can look most of the things online literally any time. It might be good to know everything about a programming language, but I'd rather learn something by experience, instead of having everything written down on a piece of paper


Taking the notes always help not just in case of programming but any other subject as proved by the scientific researches. And revising/practicing the concepts/lessons on SoloLearn multiple times until you master it will definitely help you.


It will be the best option I think, because our mind remembers differently by seeing, hearing etc. So if you do them together, it will be great I hope!


Yes sure cos i too do.


Writing down your lesion is good, as it will give you a later reference anywhere and anytime.


Yes very important....