Should I do php after html or should I do css after html.

5/24/2019 7:38:55 AM


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Absolutely CSS. With css you customize your website. I mean you can probably live with php without CSS, but normally you should learn CSS after html. After Css most people including me would learn Javascript.


CSS of course... Html is incomplete without CSS


Definitely css....bcoz after understanding the structure...u should know how to make it attractive..n this can be done with CSS...


It's hard to tell what you should do, because it's a matter of preference. CSS is for styling web pages. PHP is for backend logic. But you can learn them at the same time, because they are independent and serve for different purposes.


From my experience for web development, it's HTML --> CSS --> JavaScript <--> jQuery <--> PHP. The double arrows between JS, jQuery, and PHP mean that I learned those 3 back and forth (didn't have to finish one to go to the next). It helped me reinforcing my memory and understanding on those 3. Back to your question, do CSS definitely after HTML.


You can learn simultaneously.....but first you should know about HTML if you don't know....after that you can do CSS because without HTML where you will apply CSS....


Web development path ----->Html->CSS->JavaScript->PHP(or any server side language now we can also use JavaScript in backend too using Node.js🔥)




Start from CSS but you can learn CSS and php simultaneously


css. What to learn next by Bono https://code.sololearn.com/Wukw9beaMo55/?ref=app


Thanks everyone now my confusion is answered by you all


CSS without any hesitation.


Definitely go with css coz html also goes with web designing and css too. So go for css


Simple Html>css>javascript>php


How much learning the PHP


But I know html & c programing


How much php coding


Please take css course and then go any programming language.


What do you want to be? If you want to be a Front, you need CSS, but if you want to be a Back, need php.