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I am working on a project titled crime management system, need ur help

5/23/2019 7:47:39 PM

Sir Bravin Lavaza

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Hello Sir Bravin Lavaza! What help do you need? Edit: AgentSmith no. Sir Bravin Lavaza I didn't notice the "or" in your tags. Is that all you were asking help for? Whether you should use C++ or VB?


Out of curiosity how do you manage crimes in C++ ?!! Can you give us more details ?!


@Sir Bravin Lavaza In my opinion, I would pick C++ or C# for it, but it just depends what you're doing, what platform, what you're best with and how you want to go about programming it. I assume your question is if you should use C++ or VB, right? If that's the only two options, go with C++. @Jamie You seriously can't resist anything to do with VB. :D I knew it, VB head till the day you die. You can lie to us all you want, but you can't lie to yourself. You say I don't know you, but don't I, Jamie.... don't I? lol ;)


Hello guyd thanks for ur feedbacks been away. It is a simple project with Access as its database


Hello sir upload a project what I need