how to get ready for job?

I know all basic syntax.. But how to prepare for job and how to exercise real time projects?

5/20/2019 10:49:33 PM

Swathi Priyadharshni

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If you navigate to lessons and search for job, there are a bunch of resources provided with advice on this subject. Here is one such example: https://www.sololearn.com/learn/17988/?ref=app


Hi! Studying theory and practicing all of It on practical projects. You can show this projects to the world using Github.


Interviews are (usually) split in two parts Part 1: Personality interview Hobbies, personal life, goals, team work, past experience, expectations Part 2: Technical interview Usually you are prompted with a problem (often not in some coding language) and are expected to find a solution or explain your approach to tackling issues. Honestly knowing the language and syntax by heart won't save you all by itself!