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What is AMP ??

Accelerated mobile page

5/20/2019 11:34:05 AM

Amardeep kesharwani

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Amardeep kesharwani The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is a website publishing technology developed by Google as a competitor to Facebook's Instant Articles.  source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerated_Mobile_Pages I hope I was helpful


Apparently AMP no longer stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.


Walter Perdan based on the link posted above about the company name I guess. "As announced by AMP’s tech lead Malte at AMP Conf '19, AMP is now just AMP, and does not stand for Accelerated Mobile Pages anymore. "


AMP is a project with the aim of speeding up the delivery of content through the use of stripped down code known as AMP HTML. Put simply, AMP is a way to build web pages that allows them to load (and pre-render in Google search) much faster than regular HTML.


Accelerated mobile pages


Sonic why you say this?