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Can we connect html and c++program together ?


5/17/2019 2:42:32 PM


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Yes. Using a newer technology called web assembly, you can write c, c++, or rust code such as functions that transpiles into a speedy language that the browser can use. From there, you can use javascript to call the functions and such. Hope this helps.


Thanks 👍🏻👍🏻


Yes we can and it is very simple to merge both


Yes, you can. Ways: 1. Insert your exe file that is made with c++ to your html code in <a href="cppfile.exe"> And you will have an <a> tag and after clicking it will download your cppfile.exe 2. The second way is to ofstream html tags from c++ file.


what about other programming languages like python... how can I connect it to the html


I don't know a lot about py, but you can make an python app and then make html <a> tag and link your python app to your html page. <a href="./">See my python app</a>