I saw a post with two best answers! Is this a glitch? How is it possible?


5/15/2019 4:03:27 AM


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That's my thread, lol. Must be a glitch, I can only see one correct answer on my side. I remember me pressing the tick button twice, would only let me select one though.


@Sonic maybe this is a bug. Report to sololearn by email info@sololearn.com


Yes but I can't give two best answers to this post lol ! TheCoder | Yep, that's me whatever you do, don't change anything. We must preserve the evidence for the investigators.


definitely Sonic, the Q&A seem to gat some little bugs lately, mostly duplicating questions


I see two best answers as well! 🤔


Sonic, weird. I am starting to see 2 correct answers too. Before I couldn't.


Better i go to sleep 😂


Sonic Thomas Williams my questions: * did you both get xp for it? * did you both get a notification that your answer is marked as best?


Kept a screenshot handy. https://www.sololearn.com/post/99914/?ref=app


I also see two best answers on that one😅 Thought it was a "feature"


WoW Must be a bug because I can only select one


Ayush_Sinha bro what's this


Ayush Pandey, it is just a bug on solo learn.


Its fixed now👍🏼😁


This never happened with me its probably a bug.


Not sure if we both got XP for it I did get a notification for it