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Data Structures and algorithms

Hello friends! I have couple questions here. First, what is the best way of learning algorithms and data structures and actually be at solving complex algorithmic problems? Has any one heard of or studied Gayle Laakmann McDowell's Cracking the coding interview? If yes, when would be the best time to start practicing with this book? Also please advice me on one more thing. As far as Java backend technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Hadoop are concerned, how deep should you know algorithms? Or will you be good with these technologies with solid Core Java knowledge? Please recommend the must-know tools and technologies in the Java tech stack for a Java developer. Some practical guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot

5/14/2019 6:45:47 AM

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You solve complex problems by breaking them down into simpler problems and solving these. The best way to learn algorithms is to apply them in your problem solving. I am not a Java developer so hope others will give you Java specific tips.


There's a series of DS&A books that cover c++,java and python written by micheal T. GoodRich,Roberto Tamassia,Micheal H.Goldwassa and david mount. Names: -Data structures and algorithms in C++ -Data structures and algorithms in Java -Data structures and algorithms in Python. they'll introduce you to algorithms [beginner->advanced]. One thing i love about these books is that they don't go too deep into the theoretical stuff and they provides lots of code and pseudo code on algorithms and data structures. Each has over 700 exercises and projects to practice on. All three are free to download at


Datastructures, Algorithms and Computation Theory (short Math) is essential to go deeper than IF's and LOOP's.


Thanks a lot for the suggestions friends!