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Is extreme programming still trendy today?

Or has scrum taken over?

5/14/2019 2:17:11 AM


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🤔 I rarely hear about extreme programming (XP) these days, although I do hear about facets of XP being incorporated into other project management practices. I would guess that even if teams took programmer welfare seriously and were very strict with not compromising on the elements that create and maintain a sustainable pace, it's difficult to scale XP. Once your team gets big enough, you will want to implement some security measures against rogue team members screwing up the "collectively owned" codebase. Pair coding also means hiring can be more difficult as more effort will need to be spent ensuring candidates will not just be friendly enough in temperament to coexist in the same space with, but likable enough to be tolerable or even enjoyable to be so close to for so long. Even at my small company, it would be great if we could adopt some of the facets of XP for the longer term because of the higher quality of code being generated. 🤷🏻‍♂️