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Speed of languages

Which language is faster than others? I think it's assembly. But my question is here: how much faster? Does it really feel different? And which one is the fastest in trending and new languages?

5/9/2019 6:00:25 PM


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Interpreted languages will never be as fast as compiled ones. Probably we can also say garbage collected languages are less fast than ones with manual memory management. So if you need max performance you will choose C, C++, or more recently, Rust. Assembly is too tedious to write by hand. That being said optimizers have gotten crazy good. Javascript, which should be a "slow" language, can get close to native performance, because Google has spent millions of dollars on making the V8 engine fast and optimizing the hell out of js code. But I agree with Dragonxiv. A bad C program will never outperform a well-written Lua/perl/php... program. Also almost all of the time speed is not a problem. All languages are "fast enough" for almost anything.


It is more important how good you are in a language. If you cant use a language than you will never make it fast.


Languages are not fast or slow. Algorithms are. If you talk about execution time it's a matter of your system, the compiler used and your cleverness in coding. You can't blame a language for that.


Schindlabua Daniel Adam Dragonxiv thank you. I will continue learning MY favorite language(python). Like I said earlier, this qustion's answer does not effect on my learning. I'm just curious about that. Thanks again๐Ÿค—


Dragonxiv I know. But I'm really curious about that. It will not impact on my programming language.


Basic language like machine language assembly,