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ABOUT CDN (Content Delivery Network)

I checked out a little of what CDN is all about and i liked what I saw... So I was contemplating if you can call Dropbox and Drive CDN's. Please add more clarification on what CDN is all about and types/list's.. 💪Thank you👍

5/8/2019 7:36:45 AM

Clinton I. Sonkeya

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You cannot use dropbox as CDN link


Go to github.com, login your account. Select New gist from + (top right corner) Name your gist and paste your code. Press button of Create public list Copy gist link Paste to githack.com Copy the generated production link from githack Use it in your script tag


Create gist from GitHub, get the link of raw code, go to https://raw.githack.com, paste the link to get your own cdn link.


Which link should I paste?


Link of raw code


Or gist link


I am not on Github. -So I should first create an account with Github -and then, copy a raw code, that is likely to be shown there on the site after registration. -Open the https://raw.githack.com and then paste the link to get your own CDN link. Then after that what would i use the CDN link for. Because i don't know how CDN works, so that's while i asked.


You know I once used Dropbox using the css link elements <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://dl.(Copied link from my dropbox file)"> to implement a css design on a test page.... So I was asking if it dropbox and drive also be related to CDN, because i currently don't know how it (CDN) works.