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Visual Studio Alternative

Aside Visual Studio, is there any alternative to running C# code on Windows? I'm saying this because I'm using a windows 8 and visual studio community refuses to install on my Win 8. It always asks to upgrade to windows 8.1. So are there any other means?

5/6/2019 5:08:41 AM


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Hmm, I soon might be joining you. Have you seen this thread?


D'Lite Where installation blocks in your system? Which (if any) message appear?


dρlυѕρlυѕ thanks a bunch ✌


Strange... I have installed it on my Win7 😕


And can't you upgrade to Win 8.1? Win 8 was a massive fail and the patch .1 was to fix most of that. Recently JetBrains created new IDE based on ReSharper it's called "Rider". I recommend it ^^


TheCoder | Check The Codes I Make :) Funny enough, I already have the first 7 listed there. Thanks a lot


That's what makes it even stranger, like what's wrong with win 8.0