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Can I make games using C language?

5/2/2019 2:59:09 PM


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MANUSHI💁 C language can be used to developgames but most of the people use other languages. Yes, You can create games in C Language. source: Also check out this link: I hope I was helpful


For creating games you are best off with a game engine. My favorite is Unity 3d. Code in Unity is based on C#. There is also the Unreal engine, coded in C++, and the Dogot, which I have no experience with. For simple 2D and web games, or for just fooling around with lights and sound there is, construct 3, or sratch from MIT. All of these tools are free to download and get started.


Do you mean like Guess the Number or Grand Theft Auto?


C is a very low level language. It is really only one layer up from assembly language. As such, you could, in theory make a game with it, but it would take a lot longer than necesary. C is a better tool for writting, hardware drivers, like a printer driver, or a communication protocol for a VR headset, and hand controllers.


Yes you can👍


Yes, many games can be made in C, but it is a bit difficult and long. Two years back, when I was learning C from TutorialsPoint, i designed little GBA games using C. Though, i must admit, it had a lot of bugs 😅


Python provides many inbuilt library. Also you would have heard about its pygame. U can take help from W3SCHOOL


Yeah you can create but generally it is not preffered. Java and python would be the best language acc. to me.


Thank you Alessio😊


Check out unity or unreal with c# or c++


It's not simple but tedious .....


Thanks :) ‎Basel Al_hajeri('MBH')


MANUSHI💁 , you're welcome!


Yes you can make games on c but I will recommend you to use a game engine. My favourite game engines are unity 3d and unreal.

+7 allegro has been around since the 90’s.


Yes, but C is not very pratical


I think it would be great if you use c# than c to create games.


Yes u can and get help from and stack overflow w3 schools


The short answer.. You can programming a game engineer by c . Then you can make a game !