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Journey to Google| Requirements and Steps

I am currently studying in 8 th class and my wish is to be a part of Google. I have been coding since 3 years and have a gud idea of programing. I want to work their as a programmer basically. From you all who are experienced I want u r concern of what steps should be taken , what course I have to go through and what preparation and exams I have to come across to fulfill my dream. I dont have very advanced ideas of how google choose people for work So it would be a vey kind of you if u help me complete my dream

5/2/2019 1:37:28 PM

Ayush Pandey

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“My Competitive Programming Journey To Google” by Abdullah Aslam


There is nothing to do much at the moment for you buddy. You are a student now and the most important thing that you need to is to study. Programming is a stuff that is generally related to logical part of the brain so you must work on that part of the brain by improving your calculations and problem solving skills. You know Java well at the moment so you just need to stick to it and try to solve problems using it. In a nutshell, Focus on your studies and develop your logical part of the brain. Programming language recommended: Python,Java and C++ You don't need to be a master of all the languages. You should be a jack of all but a master of one.If you know python,stick with it.If you know Java,stick with it. Programming languages are just a tool to accomplish tasks in programming.The only thing that matters is the product in your hand.if you are able to develop an application easily in python why would you choose c++?


Well, please try to use the search bar before asking questions :-)


What language is preferred in Google


You could look at googles website and see what job positions are open. There you will find languages google is interested in.