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[RESOLVED] Breaking Bug

All of a sudden I cannot save codes. It isn't like the normal Internet glitch, it simply won't save at all. Just "no connection", no saving animation. I lost half of my code because of this. The strange thing is everything else is perfect apart from code saving. This happened randomly for no reason and has been this way from an hour. Has anyone else experienced this? I have searched the Q/A but nothing.

5/1/2019 4:22:28 PM

Clueless Coder

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This is happening to all of us. Check recently created codes, last code was created an hour ago.


they is a glitch in sololearn server, this happens sometimes, will be resolve shortly


Yep, same here.


Now stuck using AnWriter with a HUGE bug I have been working on for the last hour! If only I could transfer the code to Q/A! 😭😭😭


voja Wait, you have it too? Could this be an issue for everyone?


( Ν‘βš† ΝœΚ– Ν‘βš†) Probably. This has been happening for an hour from now. Luckily I have SwiftKeyboard, so I saved my code in clipboard :D


( Ν‘βš† ΝœΚ– Ν‘βš†) Have a look in the code section. Sort the codes (most recent) and see the time when they where saved. ;) voja same idea :D


I also have the same error...


Same here.


It looks like SoloLearn is tired of us and went to celebrate "1-MAY" πŸ˜€


I'm experiencing the same glitch right now. Impossible to save any code. Everything else seems to be working normally.