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2019 Data Analyst/Scientist

Good afternoon, I am taking a master in big data and yesterday we started to use Python. I am following the course of this app to develop expertise, but I need some basic questions to be solved. I have a macOS and in few hours of research I should have been able to understand the best practice to set up my computer. After a short use of python online: I downloaded Anaconda to enable Python and its libraries in a very user friendly version; I installed the Python IDLE in order to have the possibility to work in a proper switch between interactive and script mode; That's should be all, can somebody confirm this or give his opinion? I understood on the net that macOS terminal is able to run Python by itself so I would like to know: are the softwares I mentioned before used only for their capabilities to integrate more functions in an extreme user friendly interface? Of course, I will work mainly from Jupyter Notebook that is the best thing to do to achieve high proficiency in short time, what do you think?

5/1/2019 3:21:30 PM


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Sounds pretty good. Afaik Anaconda installs Python and its modules systemwide. So after installing Anaconda you can just use Python on the commandline or for whatever purpose. Anaconda includes Spyder. I think I would prefer that to IDLE as it is a "real" IDE and offers basic debugging and so on.