What is so bad about javascript

Some developers complain that javascript is a poorly written language. But what exactly makes it so, and what could be done to improve it?

4/28/2019 3:15:03 PM

Monical Tech

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Monical checkout this link: https://medium.com/javascript-non-grata/the-top-10-things-wrong-with-javascript-58f440d6b3d8 I hope I was helpful


js is not hard Just keep intreste in learning it Edit : Monical I am telling about the same things that js looks hard beacause you doesn't keep intreste in it


Monical, You're Welcome


It is because the implementation of many of the languages features have side affects. These can Introduce unexspect behaviours and bugs.


Coder the question doesnt mention anything about js being hard, it asks why js has recieved such a bad press on being one of the worst written languages in programming history(besides php, but thats for another discussion). it was created in 10 days!


Alessio That is a great article. Thanks


Daniel Adam when you say “it is not good or bad, it just is” do you mean it is not a well written language and is a well written language at the same time? either way, what are the bad features which cause these runtime errors?


Javascript is a language. It is not good or bad, it just is. As a runtime language you can do quite a lot easily, but you can easily write errornous code, too. The effects occur at runtime, so you need to know the language very well, as errors are hard to fix.