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COTD is not appearing in my activity feed.

4/27/2019 1:21:14 AM

Ashutosh Agrawal

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Wow Geovanny Martínez Forero - that’s a first iphone users have something android users don’t. Although, I would rather have all the features they have...... ☺️


Does anyone know how often the "activity feed" is updated depending on the SoloLearner location?! 🤔💭 Edit: "Regarding SoloLearn announcements!"


It appears on the iphone app. here is the screenshot


It is indeed a COTD...! 😁 From this morning! From this night!


A new bug in the App!? I don't think so...! Maybe, SoloLearn should clarify the situation. But, evidence is overwhelming.


I guess not. Geovanny Martínez Forero has iphone and he could see code of the day. But I haven’t seen any android users mention it.


Hatsy Rei and Ashutosh Agrawal - I’m guessing you both are android users?


Ashutosh Agrawal Seconds after the post of Haris, the announcement of COTD vanished. I precisely checked it in that moment. Have you informed SoloLearn Team about the issue?!


Ashutosh Agrawal Better late than never!


Ashutosh Agrawal Sending an email with the details to them! Support: [email protected] And do not forget to include the link of this thread...! 🙈


Because there's no CoTD at the moment?


There is no COTD for me either


Ashutosh Agrawal same with mine😑


I've been wondering about that as well. 🤔 Maybe we are just missing it because there's a random chance of the app showcasing specific content each time. But I too haven't seen cotd for way too long.


Just checking...! Everyone can see the COTD from Today?! 🤔💭 Edit: I can..! 🙈


Candyopoly Oo. Thanks for the context.


I have been refreshing the app often since I saw someone congratulating a user for COTD but noting pop out


*AsterisK* that user is me😢




How to do it