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How could submit a quize??

4/26/2019 1:53:15 PM


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Top right corner. Tap the 3 . "Quiz Factory" "Suggest a Quiz"


Quiz is for those who have become master in coding . But you can go top right corner , tap 3 dots and click Quiz Factory and then click Suggest a Quiz.


1.In sololearn tap on the three dots at the corner . 2.Go to quiz factory. 3.Tap on suggest quiz 4.suggest your quiz 5.There will be a warning . Tap on got it only after reading it. So that your account will not be blocked if disobeying the rules 6. pick the kind of quiz you are going for. There will be options for the quiz . Such as: multiple choice,guess the output and fill in the blank(s) 7.fill it in . 8. At the corner there is "choose language". choose your language 9.tap preview 10.submit quiz 11.Wait for it to be rated by sololearners . N.B it will be approved when sololearners rate the quiz. Good luck, Adetunji Dorcas💟


BTW don't be surprised if it takes some months to get evaluated.


Why are there only two languages in Choose language? I wanted to submit a quiz in Python but I didn't find it in the list.


I also agree to them😊😊