How i know when i ready for new fron-end job ?

I know Html, CSS, JavaScript Jquery... how i know when im ready


4/24/2019 9:54:14 PM


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In almost any field/craft you are competent enough whenever you feel comfortable working with the tools of your choice. It also greatly depends on what position( i guess junior, since most seniors kinda know that they are ready), what type of projects youll be working on and more. I would recommend you to attend some internship/traineeship programme at the firm you want to work in to gain some time to feel the real deal and then working on your weaknesses and strengths. Also working in tech is not really just about your tech skills. You also need to know how to work in a team(knowledge of git), be at least a simple peoples person to understand the clients needs. But dont be afraid about the “Needs” companies share in the ads about available jobs, most of the time those requirements are the top level developer that could just immediately start off, but since you are a beginner its more appreciated if you are really passionate about the job and whether you are willing to learn.


It depends : - on your skill in these languages - on the front-end job you will apply to and what will be asked - on the company / customer you will work for - on the salary/rate you will ask / get The easiest and safest way to test your skills on a daily job would be starting with freelance or pro traineeship. Every experience is (almost) good to get anyway. (Wish you luck for your job seeking!)