How can I know, I'm ready to take job like programmer?

Since 2009 I was working like sysadmin, mostly solve issue with servers, services, network, BFU etc. In 2016 I was change my job and start using programming on daily base, but not like programmer.. I mean, my job is not programmer. I never would like to be programmer, since this year, when I saw few nice workplace in programming company, their ecosystem, nice people etc. But!.. Im not sure, if I can start new job like programmer, if I never done before. I dont know, if I have enough knowledge, experience etc. Also I have family, I cant quit my present job to another, where I will be mostly newbie noob. If you know what I mean :-) So.. my question is: How can I approve, get ready myself, to be a programmer in fulltime job. If you have some experience, I will apreciate any ideas. Thanks a lot!

4/24/2019 7:56:10 PM

Michal Dudek

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Im not a professional programmer, but I have done a lot of research into what I am going to do after school. These are a couple tips I have found: - get good with your algorithms. Sololearn has several lessons on algorithms so you should be set😁 I have a few pdf's dedicated to algorithms in a drive folder, so DM me if you're interested - find out what programming strategy the company uses. Keywords for research: AGILE, SCRUM (pdf on drive) - have a good understanding of the behind-the-scenes of the language(s) you are applying with. - practice your Soft Skills like interpersonal dynamics (another pdf I have) - Most companies have a list of skills that are important to them, availiable on the Internet. If you look on forums or the company job-application site, you should find whatever you need spelled out - Make sure the skills that are required for the job feature prominently on your CV (at the top), even though you might be stronger in other things. I hope your search for a job goes well🐍😁☕


Another note: keep your Googling and Stack-Overflow browsing skills honed...you're going to need them a LOT in a programming career. Dont be afraid to google and answer, or better yet...ask them HERE I hope you find these tips useful😅