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Post method/Database

I'm studying the html/css book by John duckett. Says in the book that the post method should be used if: the form is very long, users can upload files, if there is sensitive data such as passwords, or if users can add or delete info from a database(I dont understand this either, could someone please also explain what a database is and how users can interact with it). Now, with that being said, there is an example in the book of a user being able to submit their departure date, and the method=post....???Why????? Is this an example of data being added to the database? Because if it's not, I dont understand what it's being used in this example for. Out of all the things I just listed above, adding info to the database is the only one I see that would validate making this a post method, and not get. And once again, could someone please explain to me what the heck a database is and how it works?

4/22/2019 12:19:15 PM


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A database is usually just a collection of tables with a querry interface(usually sql) But you'll need php(or any other backend code) that converts user input into sql querrys. But be aware of sql Injektion


An easy order of languages for you to learn is html>css>js>sql>php