Has anyone here made an Android app purely using Javascript?

JS frameworks are also acceptable.

4/22/2019 1:54:04 AM


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Thanks Calviղ an accomplishment I couldn't have done without your help! Sonic I have made a few but I use Android Studio which does require a little tinkering with the Java and XML as well but it's pretty easy if you use this excellent example by Krishna Teja Yeluripati Best of Luck! https://code.sololearn.com/WZcEbcTeHPf3/?ref=app


To create applications purely in JavaScript, the frameworks like ReactNative are not optional, they are obligatory...


Thanks bobbie, Calviղ !


For me use a WebView is an old cheat mode for accomplish this... Today is much better use apposited frameworks like ReactNative, NativeScript and Tabris or, for scripting purpose, create a main java/kotlin app and use binding to some js engine (or an implementation in pure java) like J2V8, Rhino, Ducktape etc. Just my thought


bobbie mades many JavaScript apps on play store. You could ask her how on AMA this Monday.


I have created an app with pure React Native. I really recommend using it - it is extremely easy to understand and use. You can use Expo to create your app, so as to avoid downloading Android Studio, XCode etc.


Ivan Savorona no I haven't tried and not sure if I will any time soon. I was just curious.


ReactNative! I know a lot of my colleagues prefer Js so no Android Studio and Java at work. We use React and it's somewhat on the same level of efficiency as Java.


Sonic try Flutter to biild app, you would like it. Flutter uses Dart language, which is closely similar to JavaScript or Typescript.


No, I have not tried it yet, but I think that eventually everything will come! Sonik, and you tried to do?


If you do, then I believe in you !!!


I´m building my first app using Javascript in React native, I understand that Uber and Facebook both use this technology in their current apps.


Yes I have


No,I Haven't. But I Can Build A Primary Apk With Android Stadio. This Software Supports Both Kotlin & Java Languages. I Offer It To You . At Least , Work With It Isn't So Hard...




I dunno...