When a new programming language appears, easier to understand, learn and simplify the codes more and more I ask myself this 🤔

Will the time come that it is not necessary to program or the programming stops being a main profession and that any user with a minimum of knowledge is able to create their own app or programs? 🤔🤔🤔 ------------------------------- Cuando aparece un nuevo lenguaje de programación, más fácil de entender, aprender y simplificando cada vez más los códigos … Me hago esta pregunta: 🤔 ¿llegará el momento que no sea necesario programar o la programación deje de ser una profesión principal y que cualquier usuario con un mínimo de conocimientos sea capaz de crear sus propias app o programas? 🤔🤔🤔

4/21/2019 6:52:13 PM

Juan Baños

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Ryan Robinson Lito Delcid xKatinJn InvBoy At the pace of technology and computer technology, I do not think it is so farfetched to think that in the not too distant future we will achieve a programming language so easy to use and natural, understandable to the machine and humans. With a self-learning system that in itself only updates and adapts to the requests and needs of users ... What to program in it, is as simple as writing these words. It seems like science fiction, but to think about the evolution from the assembler language to those that we handle today and every time it goes faster ....


Maher F I do not say that it is soon or that it is going to happen, but if that possibility is ... Technology is advancing very fast and many new things are coming, which at this moment we can not even imagine. • I compare the trades with the subject: It is not created or destroyed but only transformed. We will have to adapt to the new times, friend! 👍🙄


Trades disappeared or almost with the arrival of new technologies: _ Lighthouse guard. Now they are automatic and electric. _ Telegraph. Until the arrival of the phone. _ Telephonist. With the arrival of new technologies. _ Typographer. It was born with the printing press and it disappeared with the computer science. _ Videoclubs. With the Online distribution platforms. _ Fabrics of all kinds increasingly automated ... • Somewhere there will be a "shoemaker" that manufactures and repairs "footwear" in an artisanal way, increasingly difficult to find!!! What company or end user will hire a programmer, if he has the means to do it automatically, faster and cheaper ? 🤔😢


I don't think it matters how easy it is. Some people will never want to spend any of their time making apps/programs/software.


Then people will realize that a programmer is more than someone who writes. Being a programmer implies being creative, logical, because you can know how to program, but if you don't have a scientific/logical thought, you won't be able to do a simple "sort" algorithm.


Juan Baños, I really like your questions. It is not about knowledge, it is about thinking, it is about the idea. Everyone can, but you need innovative thinking. Yes, it is very soon that it will happen, but take it this way - Notch made Minecraft Now there are many replicas of Minecraft But they were inspired from Notch Notch became a billionare But they didn't So, in the end, it will still be an occupation, since easier syntax means faster and easier programming. But money comes from the idea 💡 Not the code. So hope you have a good day, and hit upvote if liked it. That one tap is free!


Ryan Robinson is right, even if this becomes an easy task, there will be people that will never get interested on software development.


That's a good question. Every time we see that there are new languages and frameworks that make easiest the way to code , and about that "Will the time come that it is not necessary to program", its very interesting think about that, about what's going to happen to coding, if every person will be able to code something.


I think in the future, AI will generate the code after humans provide just the requirements. Some such systems may already exist in limited domains today. Even further into the future, AI may also specify the requirements and humans may be redundant. Just a possibility.


I agree with you, Maher F


I'm afraid that IA don't need simplified code, binary code is better for the machine.


u can create apps with scratch-like tools 8 years old children can do it. But a brush makes no Renbrandt and a pencil no Homer. It is always tge creative moment


in the future there will be programms that write their own Code, so Programmers will only support the computer.


As easier as it will get, the deeper it will be for the people to code, programme, and develop new software. Thirty years back from today, science wasn't as it is today. So, yes, things will really not be the same.


I think it will become easier and easier until it is kind of a "thing" every one will know at least a bit of. That it is becoming easier can be observed in the gaming world. There are more games released every year. People without programming knowledge are able to create complex games thanks to more engines that create the code for you from just a few simple inputs. It is interesting to see if this development will also happen in all other areas of coding.


Absolutely, future is imagination of us, it's always about how we are creates this imagination. as we can see the idea of computer is started from hand, and now we have a machine that do different things This not impossible,


AI doing everything is nonsense, people coding smart software and tools is very realistic. So for sure, there is and will likely be easier and easier ways to create games, software and web content. But I doubt we’ll ever reach a point where humans aren’t a necessity in the equation. Maybe most programming professions will be about creating AI, instead of the actual game / software or website. We’ll never reach a point where AI is so smart and so self learning that it becomes sentient. There are smart people in the world, but we’re not gonna have a reallife West World, sorry.


I don't think so, we know how cook but we buy meals, we know how to write but we buy books. Lazy programmers will be out of business but creative ones will never lose their jobs


I think it is be able in our not far future. This thing makes my mind about learning program languages...


La tendencia parece ser en esa direccion,bueno? Malo? Quien sabe lo que es cierto es que cada vez hay mas opciones y seran en verdad necesarias?? Que me dices de BOSQUE parece ser un Javascript disfrazado, entonces cual es la finalidad?? Buena pregunta la tuya