Compare with other users?

Can I somehow or somewhere compare myself with other users? I mean skills, badges, ended lessons or something else?

4/21/2019 6:07:41 PM

Sławek J.

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There is not any option provided by sololearn to compare two persons but still you can compare manually on the basis of likes ,skills,followers,challange graph and badges.it will not be absolute but will produce a rough sketch of comparison


Manually? It would last forever :) ps. I am just asking too :)


You sound like a competitive guy Sławek J. 😀


Why do you want to compare yourself with other?? Don't take this question seriously... I'm just asking!😄


you can manually compare activity on sololearn with other users. again, activity. as they can have cool personal projects that they don't post here, or learn concepts and they don't keep the associated codes here.


The dark side of gamification 😀


All the levels and badges do not reflect the real situation from time to time. Also if I am asked I will try to have fun while learning something new and be unique and not compare too much with the other users.


I think the Leaderboard is the closest thing we have. Maybe SL has something special for those on the PRO plan. (I don't know, I'm not on the PRO plan.)


you can play against others in Code challenges


Hi please


But it does competition and it's good !!! Because, seeing that the other Gromada became better than you, you will catch him and even overtake and so on.


Do you want to compare to compete? If yes, it's nice but don't forget to take it easy. The slow and steady wins the race.


I think there is any one


No. 🤣


The fact is you cannot avoid the comparison with others. It just happens obviously.