How do you balance school and coding?

My exams are near and I love coding so much how do you guys manage to balance between those? I hate school a lot but I can’t drop out unfortunately.

4/20/2019 9:52:30 PM

Noureldine Adel

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Sadly, the only right answer is "Effort" I don't know if you go to College or HS, or why do you code. But if you're interested in coding, you could dedicate like 30 min a day to improve. It's not even necessary to spend those 30 min here, either; you could read about the latest stuff, or whatever you're studying right now, or watch a video, perhaps even go into the coding examples you get from the freeCodeCamp mail-list and try and figure out how does the code works. It all depends on you. Trust me, you surely have those 30 min of free time (and even more) you can spend on grabbing your smartphone and doing any of those things, specially nowadays, since internet connections are everywhere. Just keep up the good work and you'll become proficient in no time!


Than, why don't you create a code to help you with school things? For example,simulating tests offline and create a reguster of your progress