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Can moderators hired new admins? Now we have to wait for months to aprove quizzes or lessons...

New Moderators and administrator

4/20/2019 3:13:52 PM

Sławek J.

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You can look it up here. Side remark: Don't you find it a bit strange, to say the least, to 'best answer' yourself? Not that I wouldn't agree with some productive change...


So it is admins fault, that we wait months to see our quizz or lesson on sololearn


Now I now if I give "best answer" to myself, I wont get xp points. Beside that my answers for my questions are always the best :)


So maybe it is right time to change it :)


It is by accident when i look who upvote me


This buttons are too small for my big fingers :)


So what admins exactly do there?


Ideas like outsourcing the review process to volunteers have been going around here for a long time. But without action from the developers it can't happen.


Sławek J. BTW giving best answer to yourself does not give you any points unlike when someone else grants you the 'title'.


Sławek J. I suppose I wouldn't put it that neatly. I review Javascript quiz submissions on occasion, to be quite frank, most of the submissions are not high enough calibur that I would hazard subjecting challengers to repeatedly. There's spam, there's off-topic submissions, and most of the rest are not understandable. Some take too long to answer, some are too obscure, and some are just incorrect. Could there be better tools here to offload some of the responsibility (like a space to provide an explanation for our vote of Dislike)? I think yes. (And has been mentioned.) Similarly, lesson submissions often run afoul of copyright laws (too similar to an outside learning curriculum). It takes quite a bit of coordination to come up with a training design that flows logically so that the lessons aren't presented in a wholly disjointed manner. We don't have the tools for that (yet). I hope this helps.


Ebugo_ As I understand it: Platinum Moderators may nominate (recommend) and train/indoctrinate new mods, but ultimately SoloLearn administrators (paid staff) approve new moderators via awarding moderator badges. Quiz submissions may be reviewed by anyone (including yourself), not just mods. Currently, reviewed quizzes still require an administrator to include in the challenge pool (if approved) or to tag with feedback (if rejected). Lesson submissions are currently only reviewed by administrators. This may change at some point, but we have to be careful what we wish for here.


Moderators don't review riddles and lessons - it is (in theory) be done by SoloLearn themselves.


Hi, Just to clear up some confusion around the terminology, Moderators don't hire Administrators... The relationship is the other way around. Administrators select Moderators. Administrators are paid staff. Moderators are volunteers. While Moderators may provide some input or have some influence over content provided by SoloLearn, these things are ultimately decided by SoloLearn Administrators. Moderators are supposed to help carry out some of these decisions (or at least try to help navigate around them as best they/we can). Quizzes: Anyone can help review quizzes. After that, it is up to the Administrators to provide feedback in rejections or implement accepted quizzes. Lessons: Thus far, only Administors review these. They provide feedback in rejections or implement accepted lessons. I hope this helps.


Okay. You don't have to 'best answer' me either. 😂


So then, it's the Platinum Moderator's job to recruit new mods... And then, quizzes or lessons may have to wait for months because they haven't been accepted?


Oh, Ok. 👍🏾