Do multiple views by someone increase the view count for codes?

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4/20/2019 2:28:40 PM


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I Don't Think So!!!🌹👍🤗😊✌🌹


Sonic Platinum moderators do not have any special access to private codes of others I just tested on one of my private codes and it seems that viewing it raises the count by one Tried to view again after a few moments and it did not incremented I assume that on backend, SL saves a list of the user ids that viewed the code Seeing that many old codes (made long before the view count was introduced) have many views, it can be assumed that the data has been collected for quite some time now also, i can see some of my codes with 0 views (not viewed even by myself), so my guess is that a view by the code owner was excluded from the DB in the past but is now enabled edit: scratch my last statement It seems that the view only registers once you enter an existing code so first save does not register the code owner view. only after entering it again edit #2: also scratch my previous previous statement 😅 seems there is a cool off time after viewing your own code. and after it another view is registered.


I think it does if there is a long enough time span between two visits by the same account. Otherwise, I would have no idea how my latest private code could have gathered four views by now. But don't take that for granted.


Excellent question I just ran a test on one of your codes visiting it multiple times it appears to have only increased by 1.


Shadow it appears you are correct I waited and tested again the number did increase after another person had viewed it unsure of the conditions it uses but apparently it will register more than a single view per person.


That's a good point Shadow . I wonder what that time limit is. Another theory is that it's caused by Sololearn connection glitches. Other questions that come to mind are, "Is your private code really private?" 😯 Could Big Brother be watching them? 😮 Platinum moderators perhaps??


bobbie are you talking about private or public codes?


voja , Danijel Ivanović See the answer by Burey. 😮😮😮


Sonic I'm testing with one of your public codes QuotTestC# it doesn't appear to register multiple consecutive visits even upon refreshing the page but after a while and a different viewer it did. I just got it to increase again without another visitor changing the count so it's either a timer or leaving and returning or the combination.


I think the only proper test is a test on private codes. Testing on my own private codes, now I think Shadow and Burey are right and so is bobbie's observation. Thanks all! Rapid views by the same person do not increase the view count but views after a certain period by the sane person are counted.


Yeah of course dude ... I have experienced it many times .. Many times when I am making codes , It shows me number of views like 3 , 4 or 5...Once I was confused that who the hell has the direct link of my code , but later on I got to know that only I was the idiot😂 /* Note: But there is decided numbers of view a person can give ... Like 5 or like I dunno that yet , sorry 😓 */


For every one profile 1 view Everyone has separate ID whenever they visit it check's weather already viewed or not and give +1 view. -And sometimes views count by - When a person login to SOLOLEARN and go to Q&A or code section or homepage , there will be shown some posts so it will count by that as a view


Apparently, viewing the same codes multiple times after a fixed time interval count as multiple views. This applies to other view counters as well.


🎩Hitman🔫 i see 2 views on it edit: 4 https://www.sololearn.com/post/89061/?ref=app


Upon further investigation, it seems that there is a cool off time and after it another view by the owner is registered once more


Burey thanks for clearing the doubt about private codes and to everyone here please check if you all are using same version because just yesterday we had one update with " some improvements " edit : with bug fixes


Sonic answer is if a sololearner liked the code such as me He run it double and triple and more times This also count in views so the view count increase


Shadow I can mention her name...That's nothing...Sonic I think the mods have access to our private codes but I'm not sure of the messages... That would be insecurity and extremely creepy on SL


🎩Hitman🔫 your code is public. Was it private when you were preparing it?


Nice, now I know that nobody saw my secret private code about my new secret OS :D Thanks for notifying me about the answer silentlearner 👍🙂