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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing

4/20/2019 1:13:56 PM

Jeya Prakash S

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Cloud Computing basically refers to the use various resources and services like storage, software applications, servers through a network or a cloud (virtual space). For More About Cloud Computing : > https://www.fastmetrics.com/blog/tech/what-is-cloud-computing Uses Of Cloud Computing : > http://www.klientsolutech.com/powerful-uses-of-cloud-computing > https://apprenda.com/library/cloud/uses-of-cloud-computing > https://www.ibm.com/blogs/cloud-computing/2014/02/06/top-7-most-common-uses-of-cloud-computing > https://yourstory.com/mystory/ec4ace16b0-five-most-important-uses-of-cloud-computing > https://www.w3schools.in/cloud-computing/cloud-computing-applications Google Is Your Best Friend. You Can Google For More Answers.