Will my "badge for 100upvotes" will be lost if I delete question?

I get badge for "100upvotes question" about "hi sololearn". https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1759069/?ref=app Will I lose badge if I delete question? :) I'm just curious :)

4/20/2019 8:50:11 AM

Sławek J.

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Nah, Once You Got It Then You Got It For All Time!!!🌹👍🤗😊✌🌹


Sławek J. Wait for your badge first. Edit: oh you already got it.


No ... It's yours once you have achieved that ... Even our percentage of skills can go down if we delete any code or post ... But Badge is just yours ... /* Note: Don't try to delete your code for the experiment ... I have already did that by mistake and even yet I am feeling regret for that😂... */


it won't be lost, I tried it with, that of the code sometimes ago, I gave the person an upvote and the user get a badge, I then take back my upvote and the badge still remain



Sławek J. Don't know and can't even try (never got 100 upvotes on anything yet) :) But anyways it's an offtopic question, better mark it "offtopic".


Prawdopodobnie nie, ale spróbować zawsze możesz 👍


Sławek J. maybe, but you are going to get back soon with this question :)


Nope, it won't


No it won't, once you got it it's yours forever until when you are no more a solo learner