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Too bad security

In sololearn I found that, if a QA post is a spam or is inappropriate then it is deleted or tagged as 'mfd' with a warning. But I am feeling too bad to say that, there is no instant delete, warning system in coding section. I just saw a inappropriate code in SL listing in 'Most recent' . Offensive words were used in it. I reported 5 times but Still the code existed there. Now it is 50 minutes of report. Neither sololearn nor moderators took any action. Sololearn needs more moderators. And more active moderators.

4/17/2019 8:17:14 AM

Sarthak Pokhrel

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If you want to get the immediate attention for a violation, post here:


Using the in app reporting function notifies Sololearn, the volunteer moderation team do not see these reports. As HonFu has said, use the link he provided to report to the volunteer moderation team


Uncensored cussing / bad language / use of explicit words is not allowed here in SoloLearn, because of how many under-aged users there are. And generally, most people here prefer to use more descriptive words that have a nice meaning. SL is a friendly place, so let's keep it that way.


Jacob Burgess it's OK. I am all about pardoning first time offenders when they confess. Sometimes we all do silly things during moments of uncontrolled emotions but with time if you learn to control your emotions you can learn to not get into trouble in the future and maybe even improve other areas of your life. This doesn't have to be a Fight Club 😁.


jay do the volunteer mods have the power of immediate deletion for such code or posts. I think for codes, what they do is make it private rather than delete it right? Or does this happen only for plagiarised code rather than offensive codes?


jay wow! This is my first time at Fight Club. Does that mean that according to the eighth rule, I have to fight?


Jacob Burgess I don't think Family Guy is a reputable source for foreign languages πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Lol do what you want Jacob Burgess. Use your own judgement to decide what you do no matter what the rules are. If what you do gets you kicked, then at least you tried to do something you believe in. I don't know if getting kicked over swearing is worth it..


Jacob Burgess, have you seriously just posted this publicly?


Jacob Burgess I can only find one report for one of your codes being set to private. If you would like to discuss this matter further please private message me.


Sonic See the first rule of fight club.




Okay thanks


Jacob Burgess now I get it. The MOD mistook your Japanese for English!


why do you need to say it Jacob Burgess


Jacob Burgess was messiness the only problem with your code? It's hard to imagine a MOD getting so worked up over a messy piece of code. If so, I would even question their suitability to be a MOD. On the other hand was there anything else wrong with your code like offensive words?


:/ ooookay. Here I was thinking Seiuchi means walrus


Jacob Burgess does it solve the problem??


Agree πŸ’―.