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What are the courses you need to become a web developer and later become a full-stack ?

i'm just starting learning html and css, what are other languages that i have to learn to achieve my goal that is to become a full-stack

4/16/2019 3:45:23 AM

Jose Mieses

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For front end you need to focus on HTML CSS and JAVASCRIPT. For backend you need to learn a server side language like PHP and a database like MySQL. After going through all this you can move to frameworks. Don't over do this, just keep 1 or 2 frameworks that you like working with. After that you should learn about security challenges you may face as a web developer. Improve your secure coding skills. Now learn about patterns and APIs and collaboration and clean code and forward: backward compatibility , Servers, data structures, testing, VCS and etc etc etc And now is the time to move to a Specialized field like E-commerce or business web solutions etc. Now you can call yourself a web developer. But wait!!!! This is not over yet. From now on and until the end of your web developer career keep working on your skills because as a web developer you skills obsolete quickly. All the best 👍


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After learning Html, CSS you should start learning Javascript. After that learn jquery, php, MySQL. Then you will be able to learn something advance like python and it's frameworks.when You will master these you will be a serious programmer


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