Is a good option to learn PHP in 2019?

Do you Think it's a good option to learn PHP today? Or recommend others like asp.net, node. js, dart, etc? I Spent an hour reviewing ads on the internet, and did not find companies in my country to ask developers in PHP, most ask for C# and asp.net

4/15/2019 10:35:14 PM

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I consider both have pros and cons, it depends on what type of application you have to make. A great explanation over here. https://youtu.be/fcvgVfo2GAg


It comes down to you, I think PHP is used a lot these days. The most popular web-creation platform, WordPress is customisable using PHP. So it won't hurt to know a little bit of it. ASP.NET is great but is difficult for beginners to use, I have tried to use it before and I can tell you now, you will need a lot of experience with HTML and C# to use it. I think using JavaScript as a language for developing web applications is more widely used then ASP, not entirely sure though. What I'm trying to say is that it comes down to you and your own preferences. I would take some time and start researching all the options you currently have and decide what's best for you right now. Thanks!


While PHP is widely used it's popularity is dropping somewhat, probably due to the ability to use JS and it's frameworks on the server.


Yes. It is widely used, simple to learn. Of course, it depends on what type of application you have to make. If you have to create web apps, web-sites working with database, then it would be a great choice.


With introduction of PHP 7, the language is now faster, better, more secure than ever. While many predicted that php will die, it hasn't. Most of the web is in php and WordPress, so if your path is web development, PHP is your go to language. For software development, PHP is not widely used and the companies are shifting towards nodejs. That said, some companies still use PHP, and in my personal view, it's still a very good language to learn.