Why this happened in sololearn challenge?

I had a call while taking the challenge in Sololearn mobile app. I was not able to go back. So I attended the call and get back to the challenge after three minutes. The test was automatically completed and the result was zero. I wish the test need to be paused while receiving the call.

4/15/2019 9:47:26 AM


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I have a solution. Just turn of internet connection and answer the present question. After that, U can call without any problem. After call ends, connect to internet again and click on try again button. No worries. 😄😄✌✌✌


you can email SoloLearn directly on this or use the report from the app, lots of people do get this same issue too



😢😢I face this problem many times lose a lot of point..😭😭


When I receive a call, I usually lose points for the current question but I find that subsequent questions do get paused.