How can I know the date I joined SoloLearn?

I've searched in the app and in my email inbox but I haven't found anything.

4/14/2019 9:56:46 PM


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If you find it too hard to scroll at the bottom of anyone's profile, Then head to Settings > Activity Feed > Turn off all except Profile Updates Now, head to [ your / his / her ] profile, [ your / his / her ] profile contents will be reduced to 10%


I can tell you it was 10 months ago. I don't have an exact day.


She scrolled all the way until "Diego joined Sololearn"


Maybe you can find the date you got the verification request email.


i joined 23 hours ago😊


D'Lite Yes, all I've found are the email SL sends you when completing a course and I only have the last three (out of four).


😎😎Diego i thnk you joined in sololearn about 1 year ago. Because i saw that you answers many question daily & your first POST that you answer 1 year ago. So, maybe you joined here 1 year ago.🙌🙌


Have you searched your email?


⚡Prometheus ⚡ Already deleted it. Never thought I'd need it again.


on our timeline in profile


Have you tried hypnosis? Just kidding. Perhaps you could email Sololearn and get the exact date.


Jamie💐 How do you know it was 10 months ago?


There is actually a secret trick to know the date of joining without scrolling. But I dont know it But some users know it. It is kinda easter egg.


Its simple, on the activity section, scroll down on to the very first activity