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How many courses do you have to complete to be an expert ??

4/14/2019 2:46:16 PM


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The courses will give you a bit experience, but not enough to be an expert. Just look, what gives you how much exp and go on 😁


Tyga The question has nothing in relevance with regular expressions, try 'career-prospects SoloLearn-lesson'


You wont become an expert without professional experience, SoloLearn does a good job at covering basics, but I’d recommend doing minor projects on the side to get some experience and once you’re experienced enough start applying for junior jobs.


It is personal preference. Some people like to be expert in just one language, other like to know a bit of everything and combine knowledge of different languages.


Oh ok ,thanks anyway


Resourcefulness will lead you to an in-depth understanding of the courses you want to master. SoloLearn provides bite-sized lessons but if you want to be a serious programmer, I suggest you to simultaneously use Sololearn with other resources such as videos,forums,websites,courses, etc. Also, I suggest that you shouldn't jump from one course to another if you havent fully understood the last one. It could waste precious time.. Thanks!


Jamie💐 how do i also become a mod?


İ dont know much you may need to have knowledge about automata as well to deeply understand regular expressions.