[SUGGESTION] challenge declined reward in some cases

when you play a small number of challenges per day and you get declined it's not a big deal, but when you play a lot of them daily and a good part of them end up expiring and another part declined it can be diificult for you. you receive xp for just openning the app, for a certain streak of days, but for training in challenges and getting declined you don't. as some users can exploit such a reward system and make other accounts to score 1 or 2 correct answers and then decline the challenge from the other account, the reward system would be better to be applied for >= 4 correct answers. the reward should be of only 1 point. the decliner shouldn't get a -1 xp as it is a bad idea. this would enhance challenges for the languages that are not that much prefered amongst users, as they still wouldn't end up in being completed (while declined or expiring) but offers incentives to those that are interested in them and would make them practice more with those challenges. what are your thoughts on this idea?

4/13/2019 10:56:39 AM


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i will. but if they first see that the community gave it a positive answer they will consider it and perhaps implement it faster. thanks Seniru Pasan


Nice idea! You can suggest it using info@sololearn.com


notqueued I don't think any need to implement this idea it's just an personal view, as you said if 4 or greater correct answer then give xp on get declined but what if an platinum user do challenge in its perfect language then how to find the cheat over that case. So I didn't think it should get implement.


notqueued maximum limit of challenge is 15 but when you decline challenge with same user all 15 challenge then you can again challenge him and by this way an user can do that easily to abuse challenge system. And mostly for challenge active users it's more easy way as that user can complete challenge in seconds and then use that way to earn xp. I have no harsh feelings but it's my view and you asked for the views in q/a section right. Then you should try to not take in wrong way it's just mine view.


challenging active users for draw and 5 xp instead of losing time for 1 xp is a better way. thanks for the downgrades


notqueued well it is a nice idea So send a email to sololearn Via Info@sololearn.com


Mohit the coder (M.S.D) a hardcore platinum challenger wouldn't have time for that kind of cheat. however, who would do it, would have declines from a group of accounts more than from others. and multiple challenges in a small amount of time is already limited by the app. and again, the amount of time that it would take from you for just 1 xp is not profitable. you would lose more time than gain anything


I think that you should get answer bonus (up to 5xp) right after completing your round in a challenge.


I've heard that some years ago, a win only gave you 1 point.


In many cases they do:))


A better system would be letting the challengee answer first.


I'd say +1 xp if you answer all 5 questions correctly (if challenge declined). Many questions are duplicates, and rewarding users for memorizing answers defeats the purpose of this app. If you actually care about self improvement, go build something and focus less on xp.