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How can I define a template class in separate file ?

I want to define a template class in separate file first define the class definition and member function prototype in header file (.h) and the function definition in c++ source file (.cpp) I need help please


4/13/2019 1:05:18 AM

Abdelmoumen ED-Daoudy

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UnViX7 You can do it the following way 1. declare your template in a header file say "stack.h" 2. implement your template definition say "stack.cpp" and in the template header file include the implementation at the end e.g. stack.h template<typename T> class Stack { public: Stack(); void push(T t); }; #include "stack.cpp" // << include implementation your stack.cpp will be like #include "stack.h" //definitions template<typename T> Stack<T> :: Stack() { } template<typename T> void Stack<T> :: push (T t) { } 3. Your work file where you want to use the template #include "stack.h" int main() { Stack <int> iStack; iStack.push(2); }


~ swim ~ UnViX7 If you are going to use the .cpp file as a header, you should probably include include guard in there too.


Templates can be used a few different ways, but if I understand what your trying to do; then you can't. The reason is a template class is not a class of any type; it is template to make any type of class. It may be a subtile difference but its important here. When the compiler finds a definition of a template it doesn't generate any object code, only when it finds an instance of the class (with the type defined) can it generate the class object code. So if a cpp just contained a class template, then nothing would happen, you would still need to add the class template to any other cpp file you wanted to use it. So for std::vector the definition is included in the header, if you make a vector of int, then you can generate in 1 cpp file and use in another. The exception is when you need multiple types, but you know which types in advance, then you can generate normal classes in a cpp file, and the objects in another. String and wide string are usually normal classes made from the same template class.


UnViX7 Forgot to tell , don't forget to use include guard in header file like #ifndef _stack_h_ #define _stack_h_ // template declaration ...... ...... #include "stack.cpp" <-- implementation #endif <-- // close the include guard include guard is used to prevent inclusion of declarations/definition multiple times in a translation unit.


Jared Bird Yeah you are right, forget to mention that too


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