Why the SoloLearn is addictive?

Gamification ? Badge ? Courses ? Challenges ?

4/11/2019 4:47:40 PM

Pedro H.J

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1.USER INTERFACE 2.TALK TO PEERS 3.CHALLENGES 4.BADGES 5.CERTIFICATE 6. MENTION ( if someone mention you in (Challenges + Q/A + Comments + Your Code + Your Post + ETC ) thats makes curious to check ++ who mention me ) 7.I'm agree with Lito Delcid


No explanation for that, once you start with SL, you simply can't stop 🤩


Because In Sololearn Our Dreams Become True!!!🌹👍😍🤗😊✌🌹


Also positive reinforcement and social media feature.


Rishabh [ALPHA] I don't have Facebook. Just Whats app and SoloLearn. 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲


I'm not losing my TIME‼️⏱ I'm CODING everyday‼️👨🏻‍💻 I'm having FUN‼️👻 I'm NOT alone‼️👫👬👭 & much MORE‼️🤠👍🏻 I ♥️ SoloLearn 😊😊😊 .


1.Help in learning 2.Provides community 3.Keep Improving 4 Provide platform


Is any user Quit Facebook or Instagram and start using SOLOLEARN instead of using Facebook or other Social Network? I think so.


Definitely the game aspect to it, it also helps that the interface is so clean and the app is easy to navigate.


The only way to stop it's addiction is to uninstall it and be sure not to install it again..It would feel bad for some days but then it will be okay... And it is addictive because it is addictive,no explanation and people here are really humorous and talented


Pedro H.J what I say !! Every things on sololearn is better In every update more and more things added on sololearn Let's us take the example of new update in this update you can see the view count which make the soloelarn more addictive Also some months ago and chatting system is added on sololearn Also there are some other things such as badges, certificates,code playground ,assignment ,challenge etc That make sololearn a better Beside this there are so many peoples who help you in coding All these things make sololearn more and more addictive day by day One things I missed the contest , live challenges ,code of the days ,AMA etc i think after new update the sololearn become more addictive


Rishabh [ALPHA] It's a dream 😲


نجیب صافی https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1316935/?ref=app


Because sololearn is life!


SL is the first application that is stored in my phone since 8 months. It rarely happens with me. I seriously use apps maximum 1 months only and uninstalled.


we could have xp


Everything you mentioned and communication with other coders will clear your doubts.😊


Me too Pedro H.J Sir 😁


You learn how to code. And it gets so interesting you can't stop 😏


solo is for begginers pretty soon you have to make real rpjects