Can I be a pro coder through Sololearn?

I want to learn advance machine learning.Is it possible to be a pro coder using Sololearn? Or it's just for basic?

4/9/2019 7:20:42 PM


3 Answers

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While SoloLearn suprsingly does have a section on machine learning, its not enough for it to be advanced. You'll have to go outside of SoloLearn, onto your own machine to do any serious work. However, you can learn language basics on SoloLearn and use that knowledge in conjunction with machine learning on your own. Machine learning and programming are nearly different topics entirely, but they do rely on eachother. Being good at training nueral networks doesn't nesscarily make you a good coder.


Sololearn is just for basics. But with those basics and hard work you can become a pro coder.


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