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Use of code playground

Uptill now I have not used Code playground, should I use it at the end of every quizes or lecture or I should just resume learning and at the end after completing the course start using it.

4/9/2019 5:38:33 PM

Usama Navid

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The CP is like the best thing here :)) Of course you should try it out. It's impossible to get good at coding if you are only reading about it without practicing, it's like expecting to start speaking a foreign language by only learning it's grammar rules 😄


I think it is good to start coding as soon as you can. Inside the lessons you find code examples. Click on "try it out" and play with to see what happens. Or try to create own examples. It helps you to get familiar with the syntax and you will not forget so much.


//Start using now, it will help you to understand programming much more, you will able to code


Use code playground whenever you feel like seeing what you remember and see what you can do to make your own programme. Usually if i havent been on sololearn or havent been coding for a while i go to code playground to see what i remember and see if i need to go back over things