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Relative paths in html

HTML is case insensitive, but when I use relative paths for the images on my host, it is case sensitive. Is this always the case, or it's because of my host settings? Can I do anything about it? (note: when I test my codes on local host, the relative paths are case insensitive)

4/9/2019 6:54:59 AM


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Windows uses NTFS, which particularly isn't case-sensitive, so image1.png and ImAge1.png is essentially the same file, however most Linux systems use EXT4, which is case-sensitive. So basically that's why when you are running on a local host it will be case-insensitive, but on your webserver file systems, where filenames are case-sensitive, your relative paths needs to be case senstive, so image1.png and ImAge1.png will be 2 separate files on your webserver file system.