Payment Validation

I need to design a page that will manage payment module which contains the order summary, directs the user to payment gateway which can be online as well as offline. Then a dummy payment gateway which sends a confirmation message of payment. Once when the payment is confirmed, vendor will update the required fields into the database. So in this case, which one I can use? Like NodeJs with MySQL database or Mongo DB with NodeJs? If you have any other suggestions please help me...!

4/6/2019 5:56:37 AM

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That's a lot of work for offline payments I guess you just have to print the bank data: Iban and the name of the account owner probably companies name For online payment methods its the easyest to contact devs of the portals to ask them about the implementation of there api


In what language an database you set up this Systeme is up to you and your preferance