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How does someone with zero knowledge of tech begin to learn about it?

I have recently decided to try learning how to code so that my life is somewhat "future proof" given that soo many jobs and professions are threatened (or at least that is how it seems) by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But apart from that I am also interested in how coding can influence finance as I am very interested in Fintech and the potential of Blockchain. The problem is that I have used a computer more in the last 4 months than I did in the previous 5 years (since 2013). Fortunately I am young (18) so I don't think too much damage has been done, however, I am terribly ignorant of technology and I hope you guys and gals can help me become literate in this important field.

4/6/2019 12:14:29 AM

The Master of Fate

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I was on Blockchain and i was too interested on Blockchain technology and i start learning with codes and im younger than you (if you didnt trust me well np) Studying code is really hard maybe when you study it you know but when you restart or got some exam (i call it exam) you forget it Well that is np i was making a code with some "open book" that why i can make code But with that side i can know what i was forget about What is the important thing with it What is the code That why there is code playground at here to help us more deep to coding Hope my answer is usefull ;)


Thanks for the comment and I agree, memorising is a challenge but practising in the code playground helps a great deal.