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Input unsuppprted java In this code, I didnt get the output that inputs data user. Why ? Is it unsupported in sololearn?

4/5/2019 10:01:26 AM


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This method won't work in the IDE. You need a scanner for that. See this answer


What about buffer stream Benjamin Walters


Is it good to mention other ways of input in java in comment section of that chapter ?


Is Bufferr Stream supported in SoLoLearn IDE? Benjamin Walters


Ipang I know that. I wanted to try next technique. Console.readline doesnt work here?


Well I use data input stream


The Buffered Reader does the same thing as the scanner with enhanced features.


It doesn't seem so. But scanner is supported.


As I can remember only Scanner is supported to get user inputs in sololearn. That's why they are encouraging it so much in the lesson.


console.readline works only in console ,you may also want to check docs for that method


You require a Scanner for Getting User Input


Import scanner class ... make scanner object ... use for variables