One could consider programming as a liberal art, the philosophy of thought and knowledge ?.

Se podría considerar la programación como un arte liberal, la filosofía de pensamiento y conocimiento ?

4/3/2019 10:04:35 PM

Juan Baños

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The crossing between art and technology is creative programming. Programmers who use the code to create works of art, not only invent solutions to problems that are found in the development of their codes, but can also be very innovative when creating programs, which can modify the life of the people (Whatsapp, Facebook ...). Programming is a philosophy of thought, you can have "the world in your hands", it is the best means to transmit the sensations and impressions that you wish to share with other people. 🤔


I think it can be considered as such at least in part. Programming languages have their own logic, sometimes (often) quite different from the human one but which can really have an impact on how we perceive the world and our way of thinking and reasoning. I don't know whether it can be called a "philosophy" because of that though. A liberal art - of course(imo). In today's world programming is so omnipresent that it is inevitable that it is getting involved in all areas of human life, all kinds of people are using and learning it, it has it's creativity and aesthetics and oftentimes it's being pursued just for the sake of it (not expecting immediate outcome) which can be considered as one of the particularities of the liberal arts as well.


It sure sometimes feels like it when you do it... the creative impulse, the search for the best, prettiest way, the pride and happiness with your solution... But maybe programming is a bit too purpose-bound for being called an art.


Creo que la programación hoy en día es un estilo de vida, para much os es más que un trabajo, ya que la programación te da tanta libertad de soltar tu creatividad como cualquier otro tiño de arte. Y creo que un filósofo podría sentir la necesidad de conocer este mundo, e incluso podría ser una buena herramienta para su estilo de vida, ya que muchas veces programando se descubren cosas que de otra forma tardaría muchísimo. De hecho, no creo que en la actualidad, puedas ser un amante del conocimiento, sin conocer este mundo.


Anything can be liberal art, if you try hard enough. ;> ... Y sí, veo que tenemos una buena cantidad de español en este post.


Juan Baños I think that vary from person to person.some master the logical aspect of it and some master the artistic aspect of it.I personally love the logical aspect of it because my creative Mode = false.


Practice make a man perfect...




Tu publicación == true Al igual que el arte, con la programación puedes hacer prácticamente lo que quieras (dentro de tus capacidades, claro) y mientras mas conocimiento sobre ello adquieras, será mas fácil que tus "sueños se hagan realidad". Si puedes imaginarlo, puedes crearlo 😉


1Lory☕ as i said once, even buildermen need coding 🤣🤣 and as you i also wonder that we can find programming almost in every corner...


I think it somewhat depends on the application. If you are developing this great visually appealing website including how it's various pages and elements interact with each other then there is a lot of art in there. On the other hand if you are coding the algorithms and interactions among these in developing a self driving car, while there can be artistic beauty within these algorithms, there is also a lot of science, engineering and business logic. Every field probably lies within an art-science spectrum just like how the field of psychology also has elements of both.


Art is something that lies beyond the media and materials used. You can create art with any medium, be it stone, wood, color, language, audio, liveaction etc ... Accordingly, one can also create art in programming. However, one has to consider the programming language as material with which one can produce art objects. First of all, programming languages ​​are what they are. A way to tell computers what to do. Some people will certainly write programs that can be called art, but not every code is like art. Of cause, one can argue about whether a creation is art not. But art is a quality that exists for itself and nothing that happens automatically when you paint, sing, act or program ...


No, it can not be said programming is a philosophy or ... programming is things that can not, but can be made, programming is a new world, travel in code programming, a beautiful future...😉


The Art of Chess. Beginners learn how to apply certain principles, such as the opening principles, to guide the movement of pawns and pieces during the early phase of the game. These guiding principles have stood the test of time and are proven to help the beginner master specific strategic and tactical ideas.


I myself consider programming as a own creation of yourself... It's an amazing art which is actually our own thinking which actually is becoming live. Its a good feeling. Thanks,Juan for that topic you are not alone bro I personally think like that.



I likes this topic. Philosophy tells a perspective how and what the world is, it's a journey to explore you and the world. I hope I could explore more about myself and the world in journey of coding.


Para mi personalmente es un reto. Cuando el código sale correctamente me hace sentir muy bien, con la sensación de que tengo en mis manos el conocimiento necesario para poder lograr cosas increíbles, pero cuando no, ay... Es muy frustrante pero también sale la parte de mi más cabezona que me impide dejarlo estar hasta que salga como debe ir! 😂


Dude, that's a really good question


yeah it is an art and it is one of the best reason for sharpening our mind