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HTML Problems and Solutions and Q&A

Ask something about html and Ill answer :D

1/17/2017 11:17:23 AM

nej marinkovic

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Explain me how SVG works… ~_~


Talk us also about WebGL... and Canvas too ^^


SVG is the opposite of pixel image which means that even if you resize it, its quality will remain constant. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. You can draw them using canvas in HTML/CSS. By doing that you are actually telling your pc how to draw the desired element and therefore the image is not drawn with pixels. Pixel images lose quality when zoomed ( you probably noticed this by yourself ;) ). However if you want to have a svg img in HTML document then just simply write: <img src="mySvg.svg"/> This image can be scaled to infinity and beyond, and still - its quality will remain the same :)


WebGL is an API (Application Programming Interface) and is used to draw 3d elements within the browser without any plugins. You can even draw them using <canvas>. Canvas is a html element (tag) in which you can draw various SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics). Its nothing much more to it, not that i know :) you can read more here: